Welcome to Student Housing Service Division
Students’ coming from different places around the world and living together as one family is one of the most fundamental parts of college education.
Understanding the importance of student life at the dormitories, National Taiwan University had a conference in 1995 to pass the administration organizational charter to set up the Student Housing Service Division as part of the Office of Student Affairs.
Student Housing Service Divisions, independent from Student Assistance Division since September 1, 1996, is the first established student housing service division in Taiwan.
The staff at the Student Housing Service Division is dedicated to serve all students.

                                                    “LIVING AND LEARNING”
                                           “Dormitories, a place for life learning”




1.Provide a healthy, safe and comfortable living environment

2.Respect students' needs, and improve service quality

3.Promote life education, and cultivate good moral character

4.Develop dormitory learning environment

5.Encourage students to actively participate in dormitory culture of diversity and innovation

6.Emphasize on the disabled, remote, the minorities and overseas/ foreign students’ special needs and services

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